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  • Diane Corne says:

    I quote from Wikipaedia: History
    Spit Bridge

    “The bridge replaced a bridge built in 1924, which itself replaced a punt service which had operated since the late nineteenth century. Traffic wishing to cross the original bridge — also an opening bridge — experienced delays a few years after the opening of the bridge. Construction of the current bridge had commenced in 1952 and after delays was completed in 1958.[1] It was opened on 19 November 1958.”

    As a small child, probably around 1953 to 1956, I remember catching the double decker buses that would travel along Spit road, down to the bridge and then back up the road along the steep hill (called Battle Boulevarde) just to the left, once you had crossed the bridge. There were no trams past the Spit Baths (which is where they terminated ready to turn around for their trip back along Parrawi Road through to Spit Junction).
    I used to visit my aunt who lived in Ngaroma Flats on Spit Road. I was from the country, so all city sites were a “wonder” to one who had lived in the bush.
    The double decker bus would literally groan up the hill from the Spit Bridge on its way to Balgowlah and then onto Manly Beach! I often wondered why the bus never turned over onto it’s side as it made its way up the steep hill and round the sharp bends.
    I also remember the building of the new bridge which still stands today – and that it did take a very long time.
    There is a great picture of the original Spit Bridge in open position from the early 1930’s on a PDF file called “The Spit – Historical overview”.

    August 1, 2012 at 8:43 pm