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February 2010: Link roundup post

Just some of the interesting items we have found online.

Blogging for your organisation

If you find yourself needing to put forward a case outlining the potential positive results that a blog could provide your organisation then this post from the Cabinet Office in the United Kingdom may come in handy:

where they can get the real-life story of our work from those who are actually out there doing it and to allow visitors to ask questions directly and continue the debate. We wanted to move away from a purely one-way online presence, to a two-way interaction with our audience.

Challenges for the next generation

Nick Poole, CEO at the Collections Trust in the UK addresses some future issues [slideshare presentation]

Online text correctors received Australia Day awards

To quote from the National Library of Australia media release:

Six people who have helped correct millions of lines of text online in the National Library of Australia’s Newspaper Digitisation Program will be presented with special Australia Day awards tomorrow, Thursday 28 January, 2010.

The National Library’s newspaper digitisation program began two years ago, using Optical Character Recognition software to automatically convert old newspaper images into digital text.  Although this is the latest technology, the small fonts and uneven printing of many of the newspaper pages made conversion difficult and not always accurate. Enter online users from all over Australia who were keen to help by correcting the text.

British Library launches online science archive

The British Library have initiated a project to create an online oral history of British Science.

A study carried out prior to the project being started found that in the last ten years, 30 leading British scientists including 9 Nobel winners have died leaving little or no archive of their work.

Storage space

Archives Ireland raises a storage space issue for newly released papers held by the National Archives Ireland