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January 2010: Link roundup post

Our first link post for the year of just some of the interesting items we have found online:

Archivist of the Year

We stumbled across the announcement of the Archivist of the Year award over at ArchivesNext:

This annual award recognizes an archivist who has made a contribution to his or her profession or who has provided support to scholars conducting research in history and biography.

» Read the post to find out more about the two winners

Knitting behind the computer. Flickr image by Grietje CC BY-NC 2.0Women and technology

Around the World in 80 Gigabytes writes an interesting follow-up article on a [deliberatively controversial] topic first posted in the Archives2.0 ning forum, namely:

the high proportion of women in the archives profession (at least this is the case in the UK) with a slow take-up of web2.0 technologies.

» Women and the history of computing in West Yorkshire

Delving into your website statistics

Seb Chan from the Powerhouse Museum provides insight into the benefits of analysing your website traffic more closely. Is your content really reaching the people you think you are targeting?

Now this is where it gets really interesting and where the team realised the importance of geographic segmentation…In fact, the more local we go the less popular it gets!

» “Let’s make more crowns”, or, the danger of not looking closely at your web metrics

Behind the scenes of the National Archives (UK)

From the BBC News website a 2:47mins video:

a rare tour behind the scenes of the National Archives – including both highlights of the past and plans for the future.

» Watch the video here

The largest book in the world?

Indeed, this six foot tall atlas, made in 1660 by a Dutch merchant, is going to be on display at the British Library in April. It dwarfs the two people holding it upright

» View the image and article in the