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Archives Outside - For people who love, use and manage archives

July 2010: Link roundup post

Just some of the interesting items we have found online.

Keeping personal archives safe

Encouraging the preservation of personal papers »

Invariably, people tell me that they never realized the knowledge required to properly maintain their materials. They throw items in a box in the attic or basement, or shove them in a drawer and forget about them. When they go to look at the materials a few years later, the documents have developed a smell, are starting to turn colors, or are literally disintegrating.

Tweeting about your collection – the unexpected surprises

T*breaktweets hits the big time with Lobsterotica »

…The power of Twitter took over and the flurry of conversations and re-tweets began, spreading like wildfire across the web…. and is indicative of the viral nature of Twitter. It proves that if you have something interesting to show people and the right people are watching, it can be shared with thousands of people across the world.

Attracting new audiences – one Museum’s dilemma

How Can You Attract New Audiences Without Alienating Your Base? »

Audience development is not an exercise in concentric circles. You can’t just start with who you already have in the middle and build infinitely outward. In most cases, growth means shifting, and shifting means that some people leave as others come.

Calling all ICT Professionals! A 5 minute survey

Attention ICT professionals! Are you aware that, in an average government organisation, over 30% of the digital information generated needs to be kept in an accessible and useable form for more than 10 years, and approximately 10% of the digital information needs to be kept accessible and useable indefinitely? What strategies does your organisation have in place for preserving digital information? And what about the massive explosion of digital information in network drives and email inboxes? How can you safely and lawfully delete it?

Take the 5 minute Future Proof Survey »

Possum Skin Cloaks – a Video

Possum skin cloaks offer a vehicle to learn about Aboriginal people’s stories and their connection to country.