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Link love in the GLAM sector

Queen’s historic tour heralded a new era for the royal family (via Tim Barlass @ Sydney Morning Herald)

“in 1954 the 27-year-old Queen Elizabeth made the first visit to Australia by a reigning monarch. That visit is now the subject of exhibitions by the Parliament of NSW and soon also State Records NSW.”

Teaching effectively with primary sources

“Welcome to a new, innovative way to teach in the archives! Based on an award-winning project at Brooklyn Historical Society, shares our teaching philosophy and findings with a global audience of instructors, administrators, librarians, archivists, and museum educators.

Approaching Principles for Independent Archives

“…. I’ve collected some basic principles for an independent archiving project. These are some of my thoughts on approaching the project and an open invitation for thoughts from others which I’ll collect and weave in. The more projects support each other to develop their ideas and practices, the more effective we can all be—

No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.   Joy’s Law

When it Comes to Keepsakes, What’s the Difference Between Physical and Digital?

“Now, I affirm that all keepsakes vary in the degree to which they resonate in our hearts. But there is something slippery and uncanny about a digital object as a memory token. First and foremost there’s the question about where and what the object is. Unlike my poster, a digital file can’t sit in plain sight. It requires a machine to view. The object also can be hard to find in the first place because it likely lives with thousands of others in a virtual environment that may be difficult to navigate. There can be multiple copies, some identical, some not.”

Valuing mud

“Australian Museum mineralogist, Thomas Hodge-Smith was asked to report on a collection of Deep Sea Mud samples.

Later, in 1929, he was asked to put a value on the samples.”

Super sleuthing in The Commons

An exhibition inspired through community engagement

Power to the people!

“…#HoodsHarbour represents the power of our Flickr followers, who have returned each day to our feed to comb through the collection and unlock its secrets…”

Exhibition at Australian National Maritime Museum

Exhibition at Australian National Maritime Museum

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