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Managing local collections – useful resources

State Records, in partnership with the Royal Australian Historical Society, will be holding a series of free workshops on Managing Local Collections in regional NSW between July and December 2012. The details of these workshops will be available on State Records’ website. A pilot workshop was conducted at History House at 133 Macquarie Street, Sydney on 13 June 2012, attended by participants from a range of different societies and groups. The workshop covered the following areas: storage; developing collection policies; arranging and describing collections; conservation and preservation; databases; digitisation and access policies.

At the end of the workshop participants completed an evaluation sheet. Thank you everyone! This feedback will greatly assist our planning for the workshops scheduled for later in the year.

You want samples? We have samples!

One of the things that a number of participants requested were copies of sample forms and other examples of documents referred to in the presentation. In response to this request these documents have been copied and are now available below. We have also included a number of links to relevant documents on the State Records website, as well as links to other websites.

Keeping Archives

The Australian Society of Archivists’ publication Keeping Archives (3rd edition) provides comprehensive advice and guidance on establishing, managing and developing local collections. Copies are available from the Australian Society of Archivists.


State Records’ Standard on the physical storage of State records  is intended for the use by all NSW public offices. Those managing local collections will also find lots of helpful advice in the document.

National Archives of Australia: Preserving you records for the future – this section provides specific information and advice for the preservation of paper, photographic, digital and audiovisual records.

National Film and Sound Archive: Care for audiovisual materials

Keeping Archives (3rd edition) Chapter 3 Buildings & storage

Collection policies

Click images for larger versions.

Acquisition policy – SAMPLE

Deed of gift – SAMPLE

Sample accession record

Sample accession register

Sample acknowledgement form Sample loan form


Keeping Archives (3rd edition) Chapter 7 Accessioning

Arrangement and description

Keeping Archives (3rd edition) Chapter 8 Arrangement and description

Conservation and preservation

State Records NSW: The role of Preservation

We have developed counter disaster strategies for records and recordkeeping systems designed specifically for use within the public sector. Societies and groups will find the Model Disaster Plan of use in planning their disaster preparedness strategy (see
State Records NSW: Contents of a disaster recovery bin or water damage recovery kit (Guideline 5)

Our blog has a special section providing guidance on conservation and on preservation

Keeping Archives (3rd edition) Chapter 4 Preservation


Archival databases and the management of local collections (PDF, 52kb) by Dr Kate Cumming

How to prepare for a collection management system (PDF, 31kb) by Dr Kate Cumming


National Library Australia Digitisation Guidelines

Our Future Proof blog has a special section on highlights nine risk factors to be aware of when undertaking digitisation projects

Keeping Archives (3rd edition) Chapter 13 Digitisation and Imaging

Keeping Archives (3rd edition) Chapter 15 Digital recordkeeping

Access policies

State Records NSW: Manage record access and security

Keeping Archives (3rd edition) Chapter 11 Access and reference services

Christine Yeats
Manager, Public Access

  • Christine Yeats says:

    Also, for groups and societies seeking further advice on setting up, developing and managing their local collections the Australian Society of Archivists’ publication Keeping Archives (3rd edition) provides comprehensive advice. Copies of the publication are available from the Australian Society of Archivists. For further information go to:

    The following chapters provide additional advice on the areas covered in the Managing local collections workshops
    Chapter 3 Buildings & Storage
    Chapter 7 Accessioning
    Chapter 8 Arrangement and description
    Chapter 4 Preservation
    Chapter 13 Digitisation and Imaging and Chapter 15 Digital recordkeeping
    Chapter 11 Access and reference services.

    June 27, 2012 at 1:08 pm
  • Anthea Brown says:

    Thanks Christine, I’ve updated the post to include these extra resources.

    June 28, 2012 at 8:46 am
  • Jan Koperberg says:

    Thank you for the Collection Policies and for the links to the other documents. The pilot workshop was very good and Blue Mountains Association of Cultural Heritage Organisations is looking forward to the workshop to be held in the Blue Mountains, at Hobby’s Reach on 24 November.

    Jan Koperberg
    Blue Mountains Association of Cultural Heritage Organisations Inc

    June 29, 2012 at 10:47 am
  • Fiona Sullivan says:

    Thanks for the feedback @Jan Koperberg, it is much appreciated. Christine Yeats did an amazing job to pull this together at a very busy time!

    July 2, 2012 at 10:30 am
  • Christine Yeats says:

    I have been referring back to the Managing Local Collections Blog and the Conservation Tips for my talk for Liverpool and District Historical Society on the importance of community archives next weekend.

    May 10, 2016 at 9:21 am