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May 2012 – Link Roundup

Some interesting links we have found online…

Inside History Magazine – Top 50 blogs (we made the cut)

In the May/June 2012 issue of Inside History there’s a huge list of blogs for you to follow:

Penned by Australian blogger Jill Ball, our top 50 blogs that every genealogist needs to follow includes libraries, societies, personal historians, speciality topics, international sites and organisation blogs.

Top 50 Blogs from Inside History
Inside History May-June 2012

There’s a War On!

…a community-based wiki managed by M&G NSW through funding from the NSW Heritage Branch, Department of Planning. The website showcases the sites and material held in collections across regional New South Wales that tell us stories about life on the home front during World War I and World War II.

You can add your own memories of life on the home front to this wiki.

Are you prepared for the blackout?

Forensic conservation

Trying to date an object can be a challenge particularly if it has been in the collection a while with little background information. Now there are a few ways of identifying the origins of an object. In this case we have determined the age of a textile by identifying the red dye.

Ballgowns: British Glamour since 1950

Here is one for the fashionistas brought to you by the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Flickr and Archives: is it sill working for you?

…if Flickr isn’t the cool shiny toy it once was (and it certainly is not), are archives moving to something else to share images?

Social media and Government Survey – results

Our sister blog, Future Proof, recently surveyed NSW Government agencies on their use of social media: do they use it; how do they use it, and; are they keeping records?

From informal discussions with lots of public offices, we know that many government bodies are starting to use social media applications for a range of business purposes. However, we are also aware that not many organisations are considering recordkeeping in the design and implementation of social media projects.

In our discussions, we find that many people are quite dismissive of social media and some deny that records of any value could be created in this environment. However, organisations need to start to recognise that social media is broader and more complex than a celebrity’s latest tweet or a friend’s Facebook status update.

See the results

Social Media Mess

Interpreting Collections, or Archives Speak with Many Voices

In my daily working life, I spend a lot of time discussing what an archive service should be in the 21st century. One answer seems to me to be that we need to evolve our services so that our collections, which consist of many voices echoing down the centuries, are interpreted by many voices too.

Coal River Working Party’s Achievements 2011

Our mission is to achieve world recognition for Newcastle and the Hunter Region’s historical place in the development of the Australian nation.

T2i - Happy with Global Warming?

Belfield Climate Archive Expands with New Find

Late last year an old register containing a further treasure trove of scientific climate data was unearthed.

The register, belonging to leading New England pastoralist, meteorologist and astronomer Algernon Henry Belfield (1838-1922), brings to a conclusion the climate records meticulously collected at his observatory and weather recording facilities at Eversleigh Station over a period of 45 years.

Derangement and Description – Archival Box Humour

Last but not least it’s time for some archival humour from the blog Derangement and Description (via @Rachel Smith on Pinterest).


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