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New grant program “Your Community Heritage”

Thanks to our Senior Conservator, Elizabeth Hadlow, for bringing this to our attention.

Your Community Heritage is a new approach to supporting and protecting Australia’s heritage that will enable local communities around Australia to celebrate their local heritage.

The program recognises that our heritage is not just about ‘big’ heritage such as places on the World and National Heritage Lists, it is also about the heritage of individual communities, be they in regional Australia or small towns or in dispersed multicultural communities. Your Community Heritage is about broadening our understanding and support of heritage and the organisations, individuals, volunteers and communities, who protect and manage so many of our unique heritage places and stories.

Your Community Heritage will promote the importance of heritage to the community and its role in bringing people together, creating community identity and a sense of pride.

Applications close 20 December 2011.

Details of the program are available through theĀ Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

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