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November 2012 – Link Roundup


Chris Hurley’s Stuff

An essential bookmark for all of those who are interested in professional accountability, governance and description. Chris Hurley has generously made his writings available online.

Chris has taught recordkeeping and written extensively on the subject. This site gathers together much of his published work. He continues to write and present at conferences and seminars. In recent years his work has appeared only on-line.

Ideas for making submissions to the current Commonwealth Government review of FOI legislation #foirev

Some FOI food for thought from the Recordkeeping Roundtable.

The following represents potential areas for a submission to Review of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (C’wealth) and the Australian Information Commissioner Act 2010 (C’wealth) currently being carried out by Dr Alan Hawke at the request of the Attorney General Nicola Roxon. These were identified during the Recordkeeping Roundtable event ‘FOI under attack’ in Sydney on November 20, by our speakers, Brendan Molloy and Paul Farrell, and the participants.

Danish Flag

Danish emigration archives

Emigration lists compiled by the Copenhagen Police from 1869 to 1940. These lists give the name, last residence, age, year of emigration and first destination of the emigrant from Denmark. The records are made available for the years 1869 to 1908 (394.000 emigrants)The Danish Emigration Data Base compiled by the Danish Emigration Archives and The City Archives of Aalborg

The Danish emigration material and the database
Following a number of scandals in which unsuspecting emigrants were conned by Danish emigration agents, The Danish parliament passed more stringent regulations on May 1, 1868. According to the new law, The Copenhagen Chief of Police was to approve and monitor all emigration agents in Denmark and authorize all overseas tickets made out in Denmark. This was to be done whether an emigrant would be traveling directly from Copenhagen to the United States or indirectly via another European harbor for destinations overseas. As an extra measure of control, all the information from each ticket was copied down in ledgers, and thus became the Copenhagen Police Records of Emigrants. A total of 90 thick volumes were compiled, containing the same type of information for every emigrant.

Past/Lives – Revealing Traces of a Former Sydney

Sydney’s past is still visible beneath the facade of today if you look close enough.

Past/Lives seeks to uncover the secrets, reveal the hidden parts and tell the forgotten stories of Sydney using the clues that have been left behind through the years.

Past/Lives chronicles those instances of poorly reconstituted Pizza Huts, lazily retooled milk bars and forgotten former points of significance we notice every day, but never really stop to look at.

Water Damaged Bathing Beauties

Coping with water damage (via @spellboundblog)

This 10-minute video provides step-by-step guidance on dealing with water damage at museums, libraries, and archives. Practical tips on safety, simple equipment, and salvage priorities also make the video a useful guide for home owners who want to rescue treasured family heirlooms.

 A look at the Digger Picture

In 1919, when William Ifould, the principal librarian of the Mitchell Library, placed a newspaper advertisement offering ”good prices” for the original diaries of Australian soldiers who had taken part in the Great War, there was a promising response.

But Ifould was a hard man to please: he was scathing of some offerings and rejected others in his quest for good-quality accounts for future students.

Now, as the centenary of the start of World War I nears, the diaries are being re-examined, rediscovered and digitised for a new audience online…………………

…….Elise Edmonds, a librarian at the State Library, says some 1000 diaries by 400 diarists are being transcribed by a small group of volunteers fuelled by cups of tea.

pulse - detail

National Digital Forum Conference 2012

Last week the National Digital Forum Conference was held in New Zealand.         Fortunately @armchair_caver has created a twitter archive for the event, which for those of us who were unable to attend is the next best thing. It is jam packed with insightful commentary, posts and links (with occasional references to alcohol).