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Register disaster affected archives with Australian Society of Archivists


ASA compiling register

The Australian Society of Archivists (ASA) is compiling a register of disaster affected archives and organisations in Australia. This register covers archival collections, current business records of organisations and the control and other records used to manage collections (for example: archival management systems, finding aids and recordkeeping systems).

How this information will be used

The information from the Register of Disaster Affected Archives and Organisations in Australia (‘the Register’) will be used to assist Blue Shield Australia ( and in determining the most effective response from the cultural heritage community in Australia. ALIA has already started a similar register for the library sector. This register is available at

The ASA will publish a summary of the Register on its website ( The full register will be used by the ASA to inform the ASA Council as it plans its support for the archival and recordkeeping community in response to the current situation and for ongoing support in the event of other natural disasters. It will also be an invaluable resource in formulating the ASA’s and broader sector’s contribution to the various inquiries relating to the recent disasters.

How to register

If your archives or organisation has been recently affected by a disaster or you know of an organisation or archive that has been recently affected by a disaster, please let us know so we can add their details to the Register.

You may email your responses to (with a cc to
The details we are seeking are brief and cover the following:

• The name of the organisation or archival collection (to be published)
• Contact name, email, phone and address
• Web address (to be published)
• Description of damage or loss – types of records, format (digital, photos, negatives, objects, books, videos, CD, etc.) volume of records, significant records lost, equipment damaged, premises damaged, etc. (if detailed, then only an overview will be published)
• photos of damage available (yes/no)
• Support required (e.g. funding, advice, materials, equipment, labour)
• Details of support required
• Date information provided (to be published)
• Follow up details and comments

For those who prefer to use a template, you may download one from from tomorrow, Thursday 20 January 2011.

Jackie Bettington
Vice President
Australian Society of Archivists Inc.