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Revisiting: Australian Soldiers in black and white

Back in April 2010 we highlighted some photos of Australian soldiers from our collection. Quite early ones, in fact, perhaps dating back to the 1870s. We received many comments on the post at the time with most suggestions pointing to around 1870-1890. With only a rural landscape and no obvious landmarks/features, the site remains a bit of a mystery.

This post has been a bit of a slow burner; eight months after it was initially published it caught a second wave of  interest and has just recently grabbed the attention of some of our readers. One in particular has made several observations about the possible location of the photos.

Can you help?

Some comments are also on the photo pages themselves and not on the post. Select a photo below to read more comments:



We’ve also replaced the Flickr versions with larger images so the uniforms and civilian clothing are now much clearer.

  • Allan Cole says:

    This is just a suggestion. The photograph of an unidentified soldier on horseback 4481_a026_000693 looks much like one of the seated soldiers in 4481_a026_000695. Is there a way of looking at these photographs side by side. The accoutrements on their uniforms relate to percussion rifles so these are either in use or worn as part of some historical uniform.

    May 16, 2012 at 8:55 am