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September 2010: Link roundup post

Just some of the interesting items we have found online.

Backup vendor advocates digital disposal

From our sister blog Future Proof an interesting article on the misuses of storage and the need for having an information management plan:

A key finding of the survey is that backup systems are being misused as indefinite storage for digital records.

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I’m a lumberjack Archivist

This is one we never expected to find!

A funny and humorous ReadAloud&SingAlong music video of explanation and defiance for underappreciated and misunderstood librarians, archivists, electronic records and information managers everywhere. Based on Monty Python’s Flying Circus’s “Lumberjack Song”…

Apple-y goodness

iTunes U – Beyond Books and Chalkboards

An interesting post from Sasha Griffin on the Archivists Social Network Site about using iTunes U for your organisation:

Designed to originally target educational content from colleges and universities, it has grown to include museums, libraries, media groups, and even state governments. You can download (for free!) lectures from Harvard, a library’s read-aloud podcast, Supreme Court case summaries, and a virtual art exhibition and take them along with you on your iPhone or iPod.

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Archives on an iPad?

This link comes from one of our subscribers and frequent commenters, Iain Stuart, who writes:

An archaeological discussion group OzArch has posted a link archaeological recording at Pompeii using an Ipad (

Given that the number one archaeological rule is that all work should be recorded to archival quality (as excavation is destruction), this raises the question of whether the digital approach taken by using the Ipad to record archaeological information is an appropriate archival approach.

Beyond archaeology more and more information is being recorded on I-thingos and their various “apps” as well as being saved in various “cloud” applications like Google docs. Is this archival or if Google or Apple close down the service what happens?

Are we relying too much on electrons for archival preservation?

National Archives Announces DocsTeach a new online tool for teachers

Not only does the site invite educators to explore thousands of documents in a variety of media from the holding of the National Archives—items such as George Washington’s draft of the Constitution, the cancelled check for Alaska, Chuck Yeager’s notes on the first supersonic flight, and President Richard Nixon’s resignation letter—but it also allows teachers to combine these materials using clever tools to create engaging activities that students can access online.

The seven tools featured on the site are designed to teach specific historical thinking skills—weighing evidence, interpreting data, focusing on details, and more. Each employs interactive components including puzzles, scales, maps, flow charts, and others that both teachers and students can tailor to their needs.

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For library lovers

October 1 is #followalibrary day

On Oct 1st 2010 it is going to be #followalibrary day on Twitter. Join in that day and tell your followers what your favorite library is on this planet.
Location: Worldwide

Machine tags…huh?

Have you heard of machine tags on Flickr? Tim Sherratt explains what they are and how you can particpate in his Flickr Machine Tag Challenge.

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And while we’re on the subject of Flickr, Tim has also created a Flickr context harvester for archives. If you are browsing any of the photographic databases below his script will check to see if that image has also been uploaded to Flickr. If so, it will show a link to the Flickr version and also show the Flickr comments (as you browse the database). The script works in Firefox.

  • National Archives of Australia Photosearch
  • State Records NSW Photo Investigator
  • National Archives and Records Administration ARC
  • State Library of NSW

Animated Stereos

Thanks to a Flickr friend, pellethepoet, for pointing these out fabulous sterotypes. To view the movement click the image below to go to the Flickr version and scroll down to the first comment.

(animated stereo) Gambling Bowery Boys, 1907