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The risky business of digitisation

Our sister blog, Future Proof, recently wrote a piece that we thought would be of interest to you. Called Digitisation Dilemmas the post highlights nine risk factors to be aware of when undertaking digitisation projects.

Digitising dilemmas. Read the post at Future Proof

Some organisations get so excited about digitisation that they want to digitise everything! Digitisation is an expensive undertaking and should only be done when substantial and realistic benefits can be made…

…Digitisation is inherently complex. It is not enough just to buy the software and hardware and start scanning, or sign a contract with a service provider and send them paper records. If care is not taken the results could be disastrous, the digital images unusable and public money wasted.

…State Records NSW intends to develop detailed guidelines, both for business process digitisation programs and back-capture digitisation projects, which will address how to manage projects, optimise benefits and reduce risks. These will be released in 2012.

Read the full post at Future Proof

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  • enno says:

    A lot of records which were legible before digitisation, become illegible after digitisation.

    October 2, 2012 at 11:43 am