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Watch this space for a behind-the-scenes look at creating an online gallery

To start the New Year off with a bit of fun: next week we bring you a new series, written by Bea Scanned (a close friend of Ann Item, who brought you the Day in the Life of a State Archive series).

In five parts, we delve behind the scenes of putting together the online exhibition Lachlan Macquarie: visionary and builder available on the State Records NSW website. Each part in the series will focus on a different aspect of what is involved in putting it all together: planning; conservation; research;  digitisation; and finally, adding content to the website.

Text: " directed in England, by keeping and driving their carriages  of whatever description, on the own left side, commonly called  the near side of the Roads, on pain of being fined by a bench..." NRS 897 [4-1745 Page 144]

Bea Scanned is part of the Macquarie-related material in the State Records collection, namely a “Government and general order [signed by Lachlan Macquarie] for persons driving vehicles to observe regulations in force in England to keep to the left side of the road, 15 August 1820” – or more simply,  Keep To The Left! Bea is also an [ahem] investigative reporter wannabe and has followed the major players involved in getting the gallery online.

We hope you enjoy this light-hearted, yet informative, new series.

Stay tuned!

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