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Cool Tools – Calculators for Environmental Conditions


Recently in my job I’ve had reason to be looking at storage environments for cold stores, cool stores and everything in between. This included the impact they have on records and in particular photographs, negatives and films. I found the environmental calculators made available by the Image Permanence Institute to be tremendously helpful so I thought I would share. They could come in very handy if you’re trying to explain to a layperson why certain storage environments are necessary.

 Preservation Calculator

Preservation Calculator is a planning and analysis tool for collection storage environments in libraries, archives, and museums. Use it to:

  • learn how temperature and RH affect organic objects in storage
  • evaluate a given storage condition
  • compare one storage condition to another
  • plan new storage conditions

Download here

Preservation Calculator for Photo Storage

Preservation Calculator for Photo Storage is a special version of Preservation Calculator designed for planning or evaluating storage conditions specifically for photographic objects, including negatives, prints, and photo albums. Use it to make informed decisions on where and where not to store photos. Prevent damage from mold, rapid fading, stickiness, or other environment-related problems by understanding the effects of temperature and humidity on photographic objects

Download here

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  • Mario says:

    Thanks for this neat tool!

    May 11, 2012 at 8:50 am