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Exploring Sydney History From The Ground Up [Dictionary of Sydney]

Are you interested in all things historical? A great place to start for historians of Sydney is the Dictionary of Sydney. This website is an ever expanding digital encyclopaedia of all things to do with Sydney and its history.

 Suburban Idylls

This post from the Dictionary of Sydney blog containing updated information on some Sydney Suburbs is a great entry point to the site.

Greenwich, Sydney

Bradfield is a suburb that has disappeared, subsumed into the surrounding areas of WestKillara  and West Lindfield.  Joan Rowland tells the story of a suburb built on a vision, that later became associated, to its disadvantage, with the migrants who were such an important part of its early days.

Greenwich is one of Sydney’s most beautiful harbourside suburbs, leafy and affluent. But it hasn’t always been so, and its early prosperity was built on Sydney’s maritime industries. Prue Macleod brings it to life.

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From The Ground Up – People and Places in Sydney’s Past

If you love your 1.0 interaction as much your Web 2.0 the conference From the Ground Up – People and Places in Sydney’s Past, which the Dictionary of Sydney is co-sponsoring from 23-24 August 2012, is well worth a look.

By bringing together academics, postgraduate students and professional historians engaged with the history of Sydney and its suburbs, ‘From the Ground Up’ offers an opportunity to explore the complexity of the city’s past, and to consider how we might rethink the history of cities, and Sydney in particular.
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