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MayDay 2010 – Saving our Heritage

Australia’s archives, galleries, libraries, museums and heritage places are gearing up for the national MayDay campaign in a bid to protect the nation’s heritage from avoidable disasters. The campaign – beginning 1 May 2009 – is organised by Blue Shield Australia.

….“Being prepared to respond takes time and thought in advance. Too often, we devote our attention to tasks with more immediate payback.  Not enough of Australia’s cultural organisations have disaster plans and for those that do, the plan may be out of date”

 In keeping with the theme of the day here are some handy links to online resources for Disaster Managment:

Quick disaster information reference page

Disaster preparedness for community groups

Disaster training Workshop

  • If you are a NSW Public Office you may be interested in the De-Dramatising Disasters training course that is offered jointly by the State Library of NSW and State Records NSW. This is a two day workshop that introduces methods to prevent disasters and respond quickly and efficiently to disasters that occur.

Information on records salvage

  • The Australian Society of Archivists has made available an excerpt on records salvage from it’s publication Keeping Archives.

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