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October 2012 – Link Roundup


A Scary Halloween Blast From the Past

In honour of Halloween lets take a look back at an old post about the story of Fishers Ghost

Want to hear a ghost story? Well, make yourself comfortable.

The origin of this story dates back 184 years, to 1826. When murderous intent was nigh…

Frederick Fisher and George Worrell were the best of friends and worked a farm in Campbelltown. George Worrell (or Worrall) was a waggoner from Cheshire who had been transported for life to New South Wales. He arrived in 1813 on the Earl Spencer. In 1818, when he was 31 years old he petitioned for and received a Ticket of Leave – the petition described him as being  of “Industrious habits, and of an honest Character….and Sober”…

Anyone up for a Halloween Challenge?

Nova Scotia Archives has tweeted a Halloween Challenge. Is anyone willing to try and recreate this photo?

Look mum, that's me

The social life of photographs: State Library NSW on Historypin

The State Library of NSW has more than 1 million photographs in our collection, including theearliest known photograph taken in Australia (1845).  The Library also has a Flickr Commons account where many of our images can be viewed.  In the process of testing social media tools for delivering library services we thought Historypin offered something different…

Can you use Pinterest for Genealogy?

Pinterest is almost completely visually oriented, so whether or not Pinterest would be useful for genealogy would seem to be a really good question. Pinterest is the one of the newest social networking websites, but has grown rapidly into one of the most popular sites.


The Future Proof Mythbusters!

As a profession we urgently need to start mythbusting. I think we need to start countering the negative myths and stereotypes that are surrounding our role because persistent myths and stereotypes about records management are starting to threaten business information.

Calling all Postcard Lovers

Do you love postcards, cigarette and trade cards? Then the website of the New South Wales Postcard Collectors Society Inc. could be the place for you.

Postcards, Cigarette and Trade cards:

* depict almost every aspect of human activity, endeavour and interest.

* provide vivid and often attractive images of great relevance to a very wide range of people with interests as diverse as local history, military and naval history, Australiana, advertising, sports such as cricket or football, art nouveau, entertainment, ethnography, anthropology, railways, shipping, aviation, fantasy, children’s art, animals and birds (both domestic and wild), glamour, humour, rural life and traditional industries such as timber, mining, wheat and wool, fine arts and crafts.

Moving House - big move

To Keep or not to keep? Records appraisal and moving house

Rob Johnson from The National Archives (United Kingdom) examines the art of appraisal for both house movers and recordkeepers alike.

Anyone who has moved house will understand that when it comes to the logistics, size really does matter. Because my new home is smaller than the last, I had to ‘appraise’ my belongings to determine their value, and dispose of items accordingly.

As I sat there on a dusty floor with a bin bag, I realised that my home and working lives had suddenly collided…

The process of knowing what you have and how valuable it may be is fundamental to Information Management. Records ‘appraisal’ is a core part keeping an organisation running efficiently – without knowing what value your records hold, useless stuff will clog up your cupboards and servers, whilst useful information remains inaccessible and unexploited.

How did I know what to keep ahead of the big move? Today’s blog is about the types of value Government records and my ‘stuff’ at home may have in common…

Collaboration is our destination

A large goal for cultural heritage institutions should be to support the engagement of the community and to work with appropriate people in schools to support common interests. I have spent my career on the cultural heritage side, reaching out to schools and others to demonstrate what resources such institutions can share. I am now on the other side, but remain dedicated to the idea of promoting the value of museum, libraries and archives.