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Archives Outside - For people who love, use and manage archives

Broken Hill City Library (Outback Archives)

Proprietary Mine looking South, Broken Hill

Proprietary Mine looking South, Broken Hill


The Outback Archives at Broken Hill City Library joined State Records’ network of Regional Archives Centres in 1991. It houses around 40 linear metres of State archives from the Far West region as well as a Local Studies collection with a strong focus on mining.

Collection Policy

The Archives collects material relating to Broken Hill and the surrounding areas. This includes the records of  local organisations and individuals as well as local and state government bodies.

State archive Collection

The Archives holds a selection of records from local public offices such as Local Courts, Police and Schools as well as Local Government. It also holds a copy of State Records Archives Resources Kit.

Private Collection

The Library actively collects material such as phototgraphs, maps and other records relating to Broken Hill from community organisations, local businesses and individuals. It also has an Indigneous Archives which focuses on acadmeic readings, reports and books relating to the region.

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Opening Hours

Monday -Tuesday,


9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm


Blende Street
Broken Hill NSW  2880

Contact Details

Tel: (08) 8080 3460
Fax: (08) 8080 3479
Contact: Alison Wayman | Email:  


Postal: Broken Hill City Library
P.O. Box 448
Broken Hill   NSW   2880