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Archives Outside - For people who love, use and manage archives

What is ‘distributed management’?

Distributed Management is a strategy under which a public office, or other person, can enter into an agreement with State Records to have custody of State archives.

How does it work?

State Records retains control of the State archives, while they are held in the custody of the other party, ensuring their proper management and care through the terms of the agreement. Apart from the holdings of Regional Repositories; collections that might be managed in this way could include the ‘in-house archives’ of some local councils, universities and cultural institutions.

Map of NSW

Map of NSW

Community Benefits

This enables records of regional or community significance generated outside Sydney to be kept in the locality to which they relate and enhances the access of people in regional NSW to State archives. It also allows cultural insitutions and universities to retain their own in-house archives.


There are currently in excess of 4 linear kilometres of State archives being managed under Distributed Management Agreements across the state.

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