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News of the Carrington volumes hits the Northern Hemisphere!


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News of the presentation of the Carrington volumes to New South Wales has travelled to the Northern Hemisphere and the home county of the Carington family in Buckinghamshire.

Historic Buckinghamshire volumes presented to New South Wales

A fascinating Victorian archive of life in New South Wales (NSW), donated by the Carington Family of Buckinghamshire, has made its debut in Australia.

The current state Governor, Marie Bashir, was joined by other representatives of the NSW state government to unveil the gift.

Known as the Carrington Volumes, the 22 exquisite leather bound albums were presented to the third Lord Carrington upon his retirement from a five-year term as NSW Governor in 1890.

The captivating Victorian collection consists of 13 albums of hand-illuminated manuscripts, detailing expressions of gratitude and fond farewells from towns, cities and establishments visited by Lord and Lady Carrington.

Read more at Buckinghamshire County Council website

The story was also featured in the South Bucks Star
Carrington Volumes unveiled Down Under -South Bucks Star - July 2 2014 p4

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