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Happy holidays (who’s up for some photo hunting during the break?)

The end of the year calls and we’ll be having a break here at Archives Outside… but, never fear! It does not mean an end to all your fun. We wish you all the best and thank you for all the brilliant knowledge, facts and fun you’ve contributed in the last year.

Seasons Greetings from Archives Outside. Digital ID 16410_a111_1[1A]_000073A_p1

A tinted Seasons Greetings from Archives Outside! Digital ID 16410_a111_1[1A]_000073A_p1

A virtual holiday tour
(goes nicely with those virtual boxes of chocolates)

Although there should never be anything virtual about chocolates…

We recently came across some wonderful travel brochures hidden in the deep, dark depths of our catalogue and managed to curate some digital galleries for your viewing pleasure (more to come in the New Year).

While browsing this holiday brochure you immediately sprang to mind because some of the photos in this brochure may look familiar to you.

Can you spot which ones are on Flickr and in Photo Investigator? Happy hunting and see you next year!

Snapshot of the Holidays in NSW Travel Brochure

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